Digital Specifications

Clients can save time and expense by sending us their own prepared files however strict digital specifications must be followed in order to meet prepress requirements*. Design File Format Resolution Color Mode Bleed, Trim, and Safe Zone Jobs Newsprint Booklets Brochures Business Cards Upload FTP Email Other (Google Drive, Dropbox, disk, etc)   *If minimum specifications are not met files may be rejec

Crop marks indicate trim size

Crop marks are hairlines, usually about 1/2" long, outside of the bleed area that serve as a guide for where the image or printed piece will be trimmed. The crop marks should indicate the final size of the product at 100%. To create crop marks in Photoshop, follow the steps below: 1. Open your file in Photoshop 2. Choose File > Print 3. Select "Output" from the drop-down list on the pop-up menu 4. Check off "Corner Crop Marks" 5. Click "Prin...

Bleed margin requirements

A bleed is an extra margin on a printed product that is meant to be cut off when the product is trimmed to its final size. Bleed basically means that the color and graphics on a printed piece extend off the paper to ensure continuity of the color or image to the edge of your finished product. When we print jobs such as business cards or postcards, we print multiple copies of each card on a single large sheet of paper. We gang-run the job and then trim e